NEW MUSIC: Zulu Winter

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In the era of easy to create home studios, record labels that have given up on artist development, and a web driven music climate where music is composed, produced, and delivered at the speed of light (or your internet connection), the idea of taking time to find perfection in your musical craft might be getting lost to some new musicians.

Not so for 5 friends based in London who joined together to create the band Zulu Winter.

After playing gigs together for sometime in their native UK, they decided to lock themselves out of the venues by discontinuing performances while locking themselves in the studio, to begin the journey of not just writing songs and making an album but becoming a cohesive band.

Never Leave by Zulu Winter

It appears that the approach of Will Daunt (lead singer/guitar), Guy Henderson (drums), Dom Millard (keyboards), Henry Walton (guitar) and Iain Lock (bass) is working. Their first delivery of tunes — a 7”on Double Denim Records with the title track “Never Leave” — comes across as well as some seasoned bands that have been playing together for decades.

Their music could be described using all the popular catch phrases of today in rock music: atmospheric, danceable, poppy and so on and so on. But what sets Zulu Winter apart is that, while all these buzz words seem to fit, their sound is still firmly grounded in rock music. It makes for a unique listening experience – your favorite DJ might not be comfortable spinning it at the club, but you might find yourself dancing about a bit to it at a house party with friends.

After a string of shows Zulu Winter is back in the studio working on their first full album with an expected delivery in the spring of 2012. For now checkout new music from the debut EP “Never Leave”.

Let’s Move Back to Front by Zulu Winter