Whoever thinks R&B is dead hasn’t heard of Reggie B. Originally from Topeka, Kansas, this midwest singer, songwriter, and producer is revitalizing the game. Having a more progressive style, he steps outside the traditional norms of R&B by incorporating future funk, neo-soul, and a bit of old school jazz. Every song he does has it’s own unique qualities, instantly grabbing the listener’s attention. One track will take a funky beat and combine rhythmic synths that’ll have you unconsciously bobbing your head, while another track has bass guitar riffs so enticing, it fills your heart & soul. He ties his music together with clever lyrics and a smooth and captivating voice, similar to singer Musiq Soulchild. Although he’s been releasing music since 2009 with his first album, Whitehouse Lies, he has re-introduced himself to a much wider audience by being featured on UK artist Star Slinger’s new track Dumbin’.


Whether you’re feeling upbeat or a little more sedated, I guarantee Reggie B has a song that fits any mood, and occasion

Reggie B

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