NEW MUSIC: Chic Bang Theory

This is the lastest article by Couch Sessions contributor @msgilley. Enjoy!

Just when I resolved that I was never going to see or hear a truly good girl group that relied on talent rather than auto-tune, who possessed sex appeal, and still maintained their good girl image, Chic Bang Theory changes my mind. Just like the Commodores who met at Tuskegee, Chic Bang Theory met at another small southern HBCU by the name of Tugaloo College located on the outskirts of Jackson, Mississippi.

In the greenroom of 106th and Park, I see a row of attractive young women who are lined against the wall, with their game faces are on, and vocal cords warmed it’s clear that these young women are ready to take on the world, and in a sense they were. Chic Bang Theory was about to make their debut to 90 million viewers worldwide. This is a far cry from their usual local performances up and down the gulf coast. Honestly, I still wasn’t too impressed, as we’ve all seen pretty faced girl groups come and go and I wondered, ‘Can they sing?’ The answer was a screaming YES! I had the privilege of hearing these ladies do one quick and final warm up before going on live. Their harmonizing was truly angelic; I soon realized that these ladies do not need autotune and it would be an insult to offer it to them. My jaw dropped as their simple warm up instantly transported me back to February 1990 when I first heard the a cappella opening to En Vogue’s first single “Hold on”. Just as I was mesmerized by En Vogue, I was mesmerized by Chic Bang Theory in the greenroom alone.


I was eager to see what kind of stage presence they have and I was not disappointed. For a 25 year old, Chiquita Adams is the truth as a bassist. Next to Meshell Ndegeocello, I’ve never experienced that level of pure funk and soul in any other female bassist. I had to check twice to confirm I was listening to 24 year Cherita Brent on drums, and not Sheila E, herself. Cherita embodies what a drummer is from skill to her own unique badass style.

Though Chic Bang Theory can be compared to the many musical acts that have gone before them, it’s clear that they are not going trying to be anyone but who they are. I kept trying to put them into a box, they sound like… with a hint of…the truth is, I couldn’t find anyone to say this is who Chic Bang Theory is like. They are a world unto themselves. They’ve developed a style and grace that you don’t often get to hear. I tracked these ladies down because I had to ask them two questions. First, the name Chic Bang Theory is unique, where did it come from? The response was simple:The Big Bang Theory changed the world. We don’t intend on having the same effect of the Big Bang Theory but we do intend on making a positive effect on the world, especially women. We are all chicks with a chic style so we chose Chic Bang Theory, pronounced as “chick” but spelled like chic because that is what we are.


We diverted from our original name Calico Panache, which we dearly love but we had to transition into our new phase musically and the name change was the first step. We have a female drummer, which is a BANG in itself and our theory is through our music we can promote love and unity through many messages and that is what we intend on doing. We are also an African-American all female band who love to rock our natural hair. We love to embrace our culture. The second question “If you could do any other kind of music what would it be?” We would probably create our own type of genre. We are originators and we love to try new things.

The ladies of Chic Bang Theory are a much needed breath of fresh air. These ladies aren’t afraid to be themselves, they’re college educated, and most importantly they’ve got the skill that will carry them far in this business. I guarantee than in years to come, just like the Supremes, En Vogue, and Destiny’s Child, Chic Bang Theory will have a lasting impact on the music world.

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