MISFITS RECAP: Season 3, Episode 2

This week’s episode is focused more on Curtis, who is still haunted by his past of being a well-respected and admired runner. To re-live his glory days; he uses his superpower alter ego, Melissa, to join a female athletics-training group.

Guess the ability to turn into a female has more perks than meets the eye. Though he may be able to turn into a female physically, mentally he’s got the mind of a typical horny male. He has fallen for another member of the training group, Emma, who has been a fan of his ever since she began running. Talk about an added boost to your ego.

Though he gets to indulge in the benefits of being both a male and female, it does come with a downside. Because Melissa can appeal to Emma on a more emotional level, she is quick to tell the news of her horrible sexual experience with Curtis. To add insult to injury, Alisha can further agree to the same sentiments when Curtis asks her how he was when they were together. Score 2 for females, 0 for Curtis. As Emma and Melissa’s relationship becomes stronger, so does the sexual tension.

The episode takes an interesting turn with Emma trying her luck again, but with Melissa. It’s really amusing hear Curtis explain his revelation on sex from a female’s perspective. We end up with this fascinating love triangle mixed with poor sex and lesbian experimentation, which even Curtis says, “there no official term for this shit.” But even if everything seems to be working out for Curtis: he can finally run, have his girl, and an orgasm too, he has to fight off his perverted coach, who attempts to drug and rape both Melissa and Emma.
Though they both make it out unharmed, I will say this, Curtis’ ability to get out of his situation was pretty ballsy (pun, intended).

There is episode 2, not too action packed, but nonetheless still entertaining.

And a question for all of you: if you had the ability to change into the opposite sex, what would you do with it?