FASHION: Rag & Bone Denim

In search of some new jeans?  I recommend you take a good look at Rag & Bone.  This brand offers everything you want in a basic jean, but in a not so basic way.  It’s all about the details from this brand.  The craftsmanship of  this denim is well worth the price.  Japanese and American denim made in LA.  Reinforced seams, brass buttons with the Rag & Bone emblem and unique washes you will not find from any other brand.

The salvage denim is what you expect.  Raw and stiff.   The beauty is that the more you wear them, the more they become a part of you.  The go to color is the indigo rinse in the RB15 cut for a slim look (not skinny!) or the RB23 cut for a more relaxed slim look.  They will truly go with everything you put them with.

Also on my radar is the RB15x for a classic straight look and the RB11X for a loose fit straight leg look. They’re both in the Dover wash which has an everyday feel without being gimmicky.  Be sure to check the RB15X in the cotton canvas for that comfy chino feel with a denim cut.  It’s offered in fatigue as well.

You can find Rag & Bone online, in several department stores, in addition to visiting their own brick and mortar stores in New York City and Washington DC.


RB15 (Indigo Salvage)

RB23 (Indigo Salvage)


RB11x (Dover)

RB15x (Dover)

RB15x (Fatigue Canvas)