by Winston "Stone" Ford

The ubiquity of the remix is more prevalent now than ever. Thanks to cheap and sometimes free audio editing software, anyone and everyone can create one. But as always, the cream of the crop stands out. Most of the selections here come from artists where commissioned by labels for “official” remixes. It makes sense. A remix is a way to build buzz for the original track. But what if the remix is better than the original? Hmm…

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (The Internet Remix)
Little Dragon – Seconds (Syd The Kid Remix)

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Let’s put this out there. I’m not the biggest fan of Lana Del Rey, but this remix by The Internet (Odd Future’s Syd the Kid and Jet Age of Tomorrow’s Matt Martian) pretty much endeared me to her. Their laid back interpretation of her Internet hit perfectly compliments her voice better than the original in my opinion.

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Let’s face it, Yukimi Nagano’s voice is pure gold. It adapts to so many facets and art forms that remixing a track with her is almost easy. However, Odd Future’s Syd The Kid just does something magical with this, with her slow beats brilliantly compliment the vocals. Let’s face it, with both tracks and Syd’s other production work, she’s hands down one of the best remixers of the year.

Florence and the Machine – Shake It Out (The Weekend Remix)

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Again, dark and atmospheric remixes are winning here. This time, the crew behind The Weeknd reinterprets Florence and the Machine’s Shake It Out, owning the source material and making it  seem into their very own. The spaghetti western elements and the overdub create a new song in itself.

Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Jamie XX shuffle)

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You know why this remix wins? It KILLS the club. Honestly, whenever I heard this track at events and nightclubs people would start going crazy. At an accessible bpm and a template of the number one pop star in the world, it easily crossed over. Jamie xx is somewhat of a genius. His knowledge of everything dubstep to tropical sounds was thrown into this mix, and it shows.

Mr. Little Jeans – The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)

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Most of y’all know that I can’t stand Arcade Fire. But damn, this Mr. Little Jeans remix not only bests the original song, but made me realize how good the band is…at least on the songwriting side. Flipping the production to a laid back organic sound (again, a theme in this post) is downright amazing.

David Heartbreak – Shy Day

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Moombahton has broken through to be a huge dominant force in music. Being an electronic genre, there are literally thousands of Moombahton remixes out there. But North Carolina producer David Heartbreak’s take on Sade’s No Ordinary Love gets the most repeats. Honestly, the reason that this is not killing clubs is escaping me. This fits in nicely with any classic R&B set in my opinion.