BEST OF 2011: Music App of the Year:

So, one day this fall, I created a Neptunes vs Timbaland room with @deephunk and @laydeefly. We ended up staying in the room for over 5 hours, dropping some of the best rare gems from each artists back catalog. Hands down it was the most fun I’ve had on a computer. Unfortunately I that day made me late in turning in a website to a client, and I was so shocked at the fact that I spent 5 hours on one website (at the detriment of me getting paid), I haven’t touched Turntable since.

And that’s a good thing.

What does is so simple in its execution. Who hasn’t want to become a DJ with an adoring audience?? But what makes it so great, is the fact that people can vote your choices up or down adding a bit of pressure to wow the crowd. In addition, they can big you up or trash talk you during in the attached chat room.

So DJing on Turntable became a challenge. Among my music head friends, the mission was to find the rarest and deepest tracks from an artist’s back catalog, the one’s that will give listeners that “Oh Snap!” factor.

The result is a social scene that is much more than a social network. A way to interact with people beyond words on a page. WIth artists now breaking music on Turntable (Diplo actually put this on my radar), and now a mobile platform, there is no telling where will go next.