ALBUM PREVIEW: Thavius Beck- Amber Embers Vol. 1-3

Thavius Beck – In Excess by MushRecords

Thavius Beck has not one but count ’em three EP’s dropping within the next three months and The Couch Sessions has a preview for you right here.  The Minneapolis-born and multi-talented DJ, producer, and instrumentalist moved to LA when he was sixteen. He is Certified Trainer for Ableton music production software and is also known for his side projects under the alias “Adlib” and his work with fellow LA artist “Subtitle” on their “Lab Waste” project.

The aptly titled “Amber Embers” EP’s enjoy plenty of hot dance beats.  On Volume 1, the frenetically paced “In Excess” has a great funk-guitar sound looping for its melody and a steady hand-clapping beat.  You can listen to this one for yourself in the Soundcloud widget below.  I also really liked the enormous sounding “Prague to Dresden Train Delay” which had a great driving beat with flying keyboard arpeggios soaring all around it.  There’s also a beautiful flowing bridge section towards the end that is just heavenly!

Volume 2 has some great experimental stuff on it and I think where Beck really shows off his proficiency at putting together multiple sounds.  On “Dubspot Session” he has electronic sounds flying at you from all angles.  I’ve listened to it a number of times and hear new sounds each time! The bass heavy and intense “Gravity” is an intense track with a repetitive eight note bass melody that is eventually joined by guitar off beats and and then more synth layers are added as the track progresses.  The sample heavy “MPCless” had a real fun sounding early 90’s hip hop beat and great female vocals.  Just really interesting stuff throughout this one!

The highlight on Volume 3 for me was the huge sounding “Gitmo Guitar” which features a heavily distorted synth guitar riff that is cut up with tons of delicious glitches and backed by a fantastic drum kit beat.  It really is this electronic music nerd’s dream to combine those elements and pull it off so effortlessly.  When I hear that distortion it always reminds me of Moby’s cover of Joy Division’s “New Dawn Fades” which was also the soundtrack to a key scene in the 1995 film masterpiece “Heat.”  It just creates such a warm buzz that just never lets you go.

Thavius Beck appears on Mush Records which also has released music from a couple of other favorites of mine- “Blue Sky Black Death” and  “Nobody“, aka Elvin Estela.  Amber Embers Volume 1 dropped on November 1st. Volume 2 is available December 13th and the third volume is out January 25, 2012.