REVIEW: Donny Goines – Success Served Cold



It’s something about Harlem. I can’t put my finger on it but everything from the Harlem Renaissance and the famed Apollo Theater to the revitalization of the neighborhood that seemed to pop off when Bill Clinton moved his offices there in 2001 proves there’s just something special about that place. And Harlem’s favorite new son, Donnie Goines just adds to what Harlem already has to offer. Not too many unsigned artist can say they’ve accomplish what Donnie Goines already has and his new album “Success Served Cold” takes what we’ve already heard to the next level.


The thing I love about “Success Served Cold” is there’s something for everyone. You want some braggadocios type rhymes, then “Thought You Should Know” featuring Mike Milan is what you’ll get. You want some dope concepts? Check out “Liar” featuring Lenny Harold. And If you’re looking for some lyrical exercise then “Barbarians” featuring Jon Conors, Just Blaze and Law, “Mountain of Memories” featuring Brother Ali and “Champion’s Anthem“ featuring Bun B. Killer Mike, XV and Pills are all right up your alley. And all of that to say that if you’re looking for some good ole hip hop, you can’t go wrong with “Success Served Cold.” So at the end of the day, rocking with Donnie Goines is as easy a decision as copping a cheeseburger deluxe with onion rings and a chocolate shake from Jimbo’s on 125th and Amsterdam.