NEW MUSIC: Jessi Teich

by our newest contributor to The Couch Sessions, Nicole Gilley.

Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald left their mark on Jessi Teich, and resulted with Jessi singing her own songs at the tender age of 6 years old. By the time she was 8 she’d began the process of honing her skills by taking piano lessons, much like Alicia Keys, she studied classical composers, ranging from Mozart to Chopin and like any true genius of music, Jessi began taking what she learned and applied them to her first love of music and this love being the sultry and passionate sounds of blues and jazz.

While most 14 year old girls are musing and fantasizing over their first crush, Jessi was busy checking out performances by world renowned jazz and blues musicians in the very eclectic and energetic New York City. It was these electrifying performances that continued to add to her already developing songwriting capabilities. Jessi continued to perfect her skills by attending and graduating from, The Berklee College of music in 2006. It was in between classes that Jessi sang with the Afro-Pop ensemble and led a five-piece vocal section in the 40 year old, Tower of Power ensemble. It was also at during her time that Jessi developed a passion for music education. After graduating Jessi, moved to Philadelphia, and continued to share what she learned and taught to budding singers that shared her passion for music.

Moving to any new city, never comes without obstacles and for Jessi, these obstacles came in the most terrifying form to any singer. After seeing a Doctor it was discovered that she had a mass on her vocal and had to undergo surgery, and was forced to remain silence for weeks on end. Jessi’s silence however, proved to be the perfect muse. Jessi took to the studio full-force and recorded, her first album, which was 20 years in the making. Jessi’s debut album “Barley There” was released in December 2010 to welcoming and positive reviews. The website, ‘The Mic Check’, says “When listening to “Barely There” you will not get the pomp and circumstance caricature of music. There is nothing exaggerated about Jessi Teich. This album is definitely a great investment. This album embodies everything that constitutes greatness, nice vocals, great lyrics, and real instruments. Her album might be entitled “Barely There, but Jessi Teich is fully here and ready to take the world by storm.”

When it comes to music, there are things that you learn, and some things that are just as innate as breathing. The innateness is the pulse and soul of any artists music and permeates through time. Jessi Teich is that timeless artist that all music lovers have been since waiting for.

Barely There by Jessi Teich

Jessi will be supporting Mara Hruby on her “Night With A Muse,” East Coast Tour which begins tonight (11/15) at DROM in NYC.