NEW MUSIC: Alabama Shakes

“Bless my heart, bless my soul. Didn’t think I’ll Make It….to 22 years old”

Is bluesy soul (aka “real Rhythm and BLUES”) making a comeback?

First there was Gary Clark Jr, now there is the infectious sounds of Brittany Howard and Alabama Shakes. The Alabama foursome (home state what up!) creates some of the most forward thinking soul music I’ve heard it a minute. This isn’t Motown soul by any means. It’s down home Deep Soul soul, infused with a little country. The kind of soul that you will probabaly only hear south of the Mason Dixon.

The key to the band is lead singer Howard, who’s infectious lyrics, saucy stage antics, and raspy voice are the key to the band’s success. Armed only with an EP, the band has gotten props from Guardian, NPR, MTV, and KCRW to name a few. And somehow the band manages to keep their day jobs.

Again, as a dude from the South, it’s good to see young people keep rhythm AND the blues alive. Check it.

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