DOWNLOAD: Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Episode III: Exodus to Earth

TSS Presents Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Episode III: Exodus to Earth by TheSmokingSection

This morning I’m writing a marketing white paper on the Urban Alternative generation. (Until I find a flashy name for it, I’ll call them Generation Z). Anyway, there is a section in there about the middle part of the last decade, where there were so many artists coming from the left field–think J*Davey, Santigold and Janelle Monae. These artists were so groundbreaking that nobody–Black or White–knew what to do with them.

The West Coast collective Sa-Ra was also added into this mix. Even though the trio had success producing for the likes of Heavy D and Jay-Z, their psychedelic soul remained an underground thing. Although they were signed to G.O.O.D., they never cossed into the mainstream as a collective.

But that isn’t a bad thing as their music was some of the best of the 2000s. Thankfully The Smoking Section and Zo put together this three part mix to fill everyone in. Check it.