NEW MUSIC: Made In Heights

I was hooked within the first 15 seconds.

Truth be told, I’m looking less to press releases and Google Reader for new music. Honestly I would rather take the suggestions of friends over anything. Thankfully, four of my musically inclined friends–Modi, Selome, Christine and Alison–all agree that Made In Heights is that new.

The duo, comprised of Seattle hip-hop outfit Blue Scholars producer Sabzi and vocalist Kelsey Bulkin creates some rather amazing atmospheric electronic vibes. Their EP, Aporia: In These Streets, is filled with some lush, amazing sounds. However, it’s not as left-field as some would think, as tracks like “Marguerite,” and “Holla Mears” have a lot of pop sensibilities. And it’s Sabzi’s production that blends everything together. Check it.