LIVE: Elle Varner, Arlene’s Grocery (CMJ)

Photos by Sneakshot. Please support. 

Let me just say that I’m fully and 100% on the “Elle” train.

Sony/RCA recording artist Elle Varner has been making a lot of buzz with her recent single, the J Cole tipped “Only Wanna Give It to You,” which is steady rising to the top of the chatrts. The music affocionado is getting blog love right now, but the question remains, can she rock a show? In this new “rush it to market” world there are a lot of artists who are plopped on stage way before they’re able to please a crowd.

The answer is in this case however is yes. The sometimes goofy, sometimes awkward singer confidently strutted on stage for her very short four song set and won over the audience with her traditional (yet progressive) R&B stylings. It’s obvious that a lot of work has been put into her, because it’s obvious that she knows what she’s doing.

The ultra-short set was just a little taste of what could be, and I hope to goodness that I get to see her again for the full meal.