CMJ Preview- Neon Indian

Neon Indian will bring their bright sounds to the CMJ Music Marathon in just under two weeks.  The artist is Texas native Alan Palomo who hit the music scene big back in 2009 with his debut effort “Psychic Chasms.”  The live band you’ll see at Webster Hall includes Jason Faries on drums and Leanne Macomber on, as the bio on what the band website says is “zzzzzzbbbrrrrzzzzpshhhhh” (keyboard/synth).


His new album is titled “Era Extrana” and I really enjoyed the multitude of sounds Palomo puts together.  You can definitely hear the distorted guitar that “chillwave” is known for but in addition he adds layers upon layers of synth making it for a unique listening experience.  His vocals are have a bit of distortion but it produces a very smooth, calm sound.  After previewing his latest effort on Spotify, I determined my favorite track was “Fallout” (see video below) which was a thumping, synth power chord beauty which seemingly could be added to the end of a movie to roll over the closing credits.  Just gorgeous!

You can check out Neon Indian for the CMJ Music Marathon at Webster Hall on Friday October 21st at 7pm.  In my opinion, any artist with a track named “Terminally Chill” has to be one to see!

Neon Indian plays at Webster Hall on Friday October 21st.