CMJ Preview: En Vogue

En Vogue is and probably will continue to be thought of as one of the best female groups of all time. Winning awards from Billboard, MTV, Soultrain and nominated for at least 7 Grammy awards, they are the group that a lot of people, including myself, wish had never broken up in the first place. It’s high time that they get back together. And what better place to promote that you are back together than at the CMJ music marathon and film festival in NYC, October 18-22.

Of the 900+ artists performing for CMJ this year, I would definitely rank En Vogue as being one of the top acts to see, especially if you are an R&B fan. These are the sisters that made it ok to be extra high-fashion and lady like, during an era in the 90’s when a lot of R&B chicks were trying to wear basketball jerseys and Timbs. And not only did they look incredibly good, but good GOD could they actually sing! With harmonies constructed so tightly they sounded like they were straight off of an Andrew’s Sister’s record (google them, youngins)

En Vogue

En Vogue during a recent live performance

, En Vogue set a real high bar for other R&B girl groups to come.

Although no set information for En Vogues CMJ performance could be obtained, I’m quite sure the lovely ladies will take us on a nice walk down memory lane. Hopefully they’ll even give us a sample of some new music. They will be performing at BB Kings in Times Sq. at 9pm on Friday October 21.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a throwback of one of their biggest records.