CMJ Preview: CSS

by Couch Sessions

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Go through your mental Rolodex of all the cool Apple commercials that were made cool by their cool statement-making songs, and you may remember that CSS’ “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex”  was one of the coolest.  Arguably one of São Paulo’s sexiest exports, CSS make the kind of electro-punk-pop that cures you of boredom and makes you want to smile, even through angst-ridden lyrics.  Their name is short for Cansei de Ser Sexy, which means “tired of being sexy” in Portuguese.  My automatic response:  yeah right!  The confidence they ooze while strutting their quirky stuff makes them all the more sexy.

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CSS will perform these sexy hits, along with material from their new album La Liberacion next Saturday, October 22, at Webster Hall.  For a comprehensive listing of CSS video clips, interviews, music, and info on their CMJ performance, click here.