CMJ Preview: Alice Smith- The Songbird with An Authentic Soul

I remember when I first heard her sing. It was during the Presidential Inauguration week for President Barack Obama in Washington, DC. At a small jazz venue in the heart of the city having dinner with some friends, the discussion came up of amazing artists to listen to. Everyone was hip to this D.C. native, who moved to New York, named Alice Smith. I asked who she was, to which they replied, “you’ll see”. Not even ten minutes later, the young lady sitting at the table behind me got up from her seat, walked to the front of the venue, and started singing the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. The song was named, “Dream” and the young lady singing it was none other than Alice Smith.

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With a ridiculous vocal range, an amazing writing ability, and the support of loving fans and music lovers, Smith has become one of the most sought after artists. Sold out shows from New York City (NYC) to Los Angeles (L.A.) are a testament to just how much of an impact her music has on people. She’s been off the grid for a while due to her new role in motherhood, but her fans miss her. “I need her to come out with something new. My ears are itching for her,” describes on fan when asked what they think of the singer. Her music transcends genres, and touches each heart differently upon first hearing. She has a genuineness about her that is adored, and a shyness that is admired.


Alice Smith, photo provided by Rough Draft Books

Her debut album, For Lovers, Dreamers & Me, released in 2006 and still is receiving strong reviews. The now L.A. resident is setting to give her fans exactly what they’ve been waiting for. With a new label, a change of surroundings, adjustment to her new role as a mom, loving support of her family and friends, Alice Smith is back. I’d definitely pay attention to what this young lady has to offer. She has a little something for everybody. I promise you she’ll leave an impression on you that you will never forget.

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Alice Smith will be performing for CMJ 2011 on October 18, 2011 at Highline Ballroom.