New Music: Seeker, Lover, Keeper

Don’t you love it when you hear someone talk of an artist or album you’ve never heard, you’re curious so decide to check it out, and it then becomes the only album you’ve been listening to for the last four weeks? Well that’s exactly what happened with this Seeker, Lover, Keeper album when it got recommended to me by a work colleague. The group Seeker, Lover, Keeper is somewhat of an Australian, female power-group, made up of three of Australia’s most beloved and renowned singer-songwriters. The most well-known outside Australia probably being Sarah Blasko with Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby making up the rest of the group.

All three got together one night in Sydney over a late night drink and pondered over touring together until Sally later suggested simply making a band. And make a band they did. A few years later, and two weeks recording in NYC and this spectacular record was born. Each woman taking turns at taking the lead on different tracks with the other two on backing vocals, this album is full of beautiful, almost whimsical melodies and choruses like that on one of my favourites, On My Own

If you are a fan of artists like Feist, St Vincent, Joanna Newsom etc, Seeker, Lover, Keeper’s self-titled album is a must.