NEW MUSIC: Little Dragon – Seconds (Syd Tha Kid Remix) #OFWGKTA


In an era where everyone with a laptop is called a producer, it seems that women are still few and far between. Enter Odd Future’s Syd Tha Kid. At only 19, Syd is an ace behind the boards, helping master and produce some dope tracks over the past few years, and now that Tyler, The Creator has gotten MTV status her status will only rise further.

This Little Dragon remix that dropped into my lap over the weekend in stellar. The pairing dosen’t sound as…er Odd, as both groups have the same publicist. Sure, this song has been poppin’ around the Internets for a while now (ok a few days), but we had to show love to Little Dragon and Syd Tha Kid for completely flipping the track and making something that dare I say rivals the orignal. Check it.