New Music: Eboi – On My London Shit

Winston Ford, E-boi & Adam Tensta


It’s been a minute since we checked in with our Swedish crew at Respect My Hustle. Although they’re kind of silent over in these parts, they’re still on their grind in Europe. Eboi, one of my favorite rappers in the game has the most poignent takes on the London Riots I’ve heard so far. As they states:

Living in Western Europe and having experienced the changes sweeping across the continent, the London riots came as no surprise to Eboi. What surprised him was how media and politicians sought to brush it off as mere vandalism and local teenagers with disdain for the law, seeking an opportunity to loot, rather than a public outcry. We don’t condone the riots, but their failure to address the real issues behind the riots leads us to believe we have not seen the last of those.