Artist to Artist: ACME by Toine of DTMD

You may know Couch Sessions contributor Toine as one half of the DMV-based hip-hop group DTMD. Check out our coverage of the group here.

I can be a bit of a music snob. I’ll admit to that. So when I’m invited to a seemingly random listening party by an acquaintance from high school, I can ensure you that my expectations were very low. The event was held at someone’s apartment, so it was different in that aspect alone. It got even more awkward when I ran into two exes (who somehow knew each other even!? But that’s another blog for another day) at this said listening party. I don’t know how I even enjoyed myself. There had to be something positive about this night, right?

Well, the band that threw the party happened to be ACME. I had no idea what I was about to hear, but I think the keg that was provided at the door and the gratuitous marijuana ciphers were a very fitting preparation. And from the first track on I needed no more words or explanation. I knew that I was there for a reason. I was enamored with their down to earth vibe and taken aback by their celestial musicianship.

The duo, composed of Prince George’s County natives Josh Davis & Cheakaity Brown, started strictly as a production group. They messed around with their sound until they found their angle and ran with it. Cheakaity recalls the name ACME stems from watching Looney Tunes cartoons and discovering the acronym of ACME was A Company that Makes Everything. The name stuck, they ran with it and it is a very fitting name to their music approach.

Its rare that you meet generational peers that can leave you in awe. ACME’s sound is very hard to put a finger on. They presented a very psychedelic soul sound on their riveting update of William DeVaughn’s classic “Be Thankful For What You Got.” I felt the spirit of Gil Scott on “Jeopardy (Compassion For Humanity)”, and I think that’s what I enjoy the most about this group. Their sound, no matter how experimental it may sound, is very black. They ooze soul.

From the 6 songs on their debut EP “Why Not?”, I am very excited to see the directions they take their art to next. And as a fellow musician from PG, they’ve won me as a fan and supporter. I think its time you do the same and check ACME out.