DUO 2 PEEP: The Internet – Love Song-1-2

No, the actual internet hasn’t teamed up with itself to produced its own song. But with the way technology is rapidly evolving, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day this were the case.

The Internet is comprised of Odd Future’s awesome lone lady, Syd Tha Kid on vocals; and Matt Martian of the Super 3 – on the beats. Their gorgeous (and wayyyy too short) one minute and thirty-three second track “Love Song-1-2” sneaked onto the …well, internet, a couple of nights ago …

We’ve stressed it here time & time again: but there is something super magical about the male/female electro duo (Quadron, Sonnymoon, 14th, etc … ) & it looks like The Internet may be ‘up next’ in this long line of perfect musical pairings. As we get more we will most definitely share. But for now peep “love Song-1-2” .