DOWNLOAD: Bosco – The Pacer EP

I’ve been calling Brittany Bosco one of the best sounds in R&B for years now, and hopefully you’re listening. Ever since her groundbreaking debut Spectrum EP back in 2008. Back then she was setting trends in a then tepid female R&B climate. In 2011, however Bosco (no Brittany) goes in another direction. Pacer is a blend of some amazing sounds that bring in more of an intimate indie rock and electronic feel to it. The result is an EP that sounds like nothing else thanks to some influence from Washed Out band member Dogbite.Check the concept:

This concept EP tells the journey of an adventure from Atlanta to California in a 1978 Teal Pacer. Songs like “Kids” and “Beauty & The Stone” conjure up images of a whimsical summer road-trip–hands in the air on the open road.