AUDIO: Unlooped vs Dilla

My homie Tarik hit me with a rather amazing concept that he did in Milwaukee this past weekend. Unlooped is an annual mashup series bringing different musicians from the Milwaukee area together for this one of a kind event. What resulted is a rather amazing orchestral sendup to the late, great producer. check it.

Unlooped vs Dilla (Live Recording), September 17 @ Stonefly by radiomilwaukee

The players:
Alida (@honeynoir)

Barry Clark (Adoptahighway, 1/2 of Omega Clash)
Double Bass

Old Man Malcolm (Codebreaker, Citizen King)

Dave Olson (Plight of A Parasite)

Allen Russell (Andrew)

Peter Thomas (I’m Not A Pilot, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra)

Special Guest Spoken Word Artist Nigel Wade