Album Review: The Dream – 1977


Download: The Dream – 1977

The Dream is one of those artists that you either like or you don’t. There’s no in between with him and personally, I mess with dude. I have a lot people who look at me sideways like, that’s a musical injustice but it is what it is. Money is dope. Is he the best singer? Naw…but even he told ya’ll that, “If they ask can I sing like Usher, say no…” Is he the best performer? Nope…but he told ya’ll that too, “if they ask you do I dance like Chris, tell them no…” But is he a dope songwriter? Yes sir. He may make a ton of “106 and Park” music but how many people HONESTLY thought Dream wrote Beyonce’s “1+1?” Which shows you, when he wants to get serious, he can. Trust me, dude is a problem on the songwriting tip. And maybe I dig Dream cause he writes what he feels. He’s like a kid with no filters who tells you that your breath stinks. If he wants to f-ck you, that’s what he’s gonna say while most songwriters find a more mature way to say the same thing. Which is cool but sometimes (cause I can’t take TOO much of Dream at one time) I just like hearing the raw unfiltered version of things. And truth be told, you rock with Dream too whether you like it or not cause if you were in the club dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” or singing along to Rihanna’s “Umbrella”…then you’re rocking with Dream. But all of that to say that Dream has a new album dropping “Love IV: Diary of a Madman” later this year but to hold us over ‘til then, he’s hitting us up with a free album exclusive to the internet called “1977.”

“Wake Me When it’s Over” has that classic “Dream” sound and has him going back and forth with his emotions, “I hate it when you go/I love to watch you leave/I hate the way you talk to me/I love you in those jeans/you so disrespectful/but damn I love your style.” Big Sean checks in on “Ghetto” and “Wedding Crasher” has Dream reminiscing on the shorty who got away, “I’m already on my third ring/these b-tches ain’t even on your level.” Dream also takes a minute to give his new artist Casha some shine by featuring her on “Rolex” and then gives shorty her own song for dolo and that’s where things go south. This chick actually tries to sing Deniece William’s “Silly”…really? These “106 and Park” singers need to REALLY stay in their lane and don’t dare step a single foot out of that lane for ANY reason. “1977 (Miss You Still)” borrows Jay Z’s “Song Cry” chorus and “Wish You Were Mine” has Dream plotting on the next man’s girl. “Real” featuring Pharrell has Dream on his floss game and Pharell checks in with a verse that probably sets the record for using the word “n-gga” on a R&B song and “Form of Flattery” ends the album with Dream telling us he’s “not dying for an award/you can keep the trophy/I can really care less if any of you motherf-ckers know me. Shots fired, huh?

But to me what makes this album good in my eyes is Dream opening up about his divorce from Christina Milian. “Used to Be” has Dream going in on Chirstina something lovely. “You used to be my n-gga/you used to be that cool b-tch/you used to smoke with a n-gga/but now you’re on that bullsh-t/you used to sex me crazy/you used to call me baby/now all you do is nag me/like a 5 year old from the back seat/you used to be so confident/but all that sh-t came and went/you used to be anti internet/but you’re constantly blogging and shit/you used to strip for a n-gga/now you ain’t got nothing but lip for a n-gga/halfway decent for me/but you dress up for your girlfriends/listening to what they said/got your ass without a husband/put you up in a Benz/you did everything to get me/ain’t did nothing since but keep talking about what it should be/car note, day care, paid all of the f-cking rent/know you want to run the world/but first try running this.” Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel Dream! “Long Gone” follows suit with Dream diggin’ even deeper into his relationship drama, “I don’t know how to please you/everything was looking up but now it’s looking down/and I don’t know what I’m supposed to say/it’s like your mind is on the other side of town/and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do/another day with you is just another f-cking day/somebody please tell me what to say/or is it ok to feel this way.” At the end of the day when dealing with “1977” it’s simple mathematics like Mos Def told us. If you mess with Dream, then you’ll 9 times outta 10 mess with this album, if you don’t mess with Dream, then you’ll probably hate this album…it’s not college algebra when dealing with this dude.

7 outta 10