R&B CHICA 2 PEEP: Rochelle Jordan – Earth To Your Brain (teaser)

R&B could definitely use some fresh new leading ladies to spice up its scene a bit  – & perhaps Rochelle Jordan, a Toronto born /LA living soulstress, is a potential top contender.

My ear will be on Rochelle & her upcoming album, R O J O for a few reasons;

*Her voice is undeniably beautiful. Simple & slightly traditional, but still packs a nice punch. She proved this to me with her version of “Marvin’s Room” – which stood out over the other 5000 versions that were floating around.

*Her newly released teaser single “Earth To Your Brain” totally caught me off guard (in a good way). I was never expecting anyone to sample Kelis’ song, “Mars” – (off of her debut album, “Kaliedoscope” – produced by The Neptunes). Rochelle & her producer Klash  are the first singer & beatmaker team (that I’ve some across) to use that “earth to your brain”  sample … & they used it well.

*I like her style. Yeah, of course you can’t judge a singer by her cute boots .. but the fact that she’s a cute fashionista, on top of all that talent makes her an artist I’m gonna seriously watch.

R O J O drops next Tuesday(August 23). Crossing my fingers I’ll be back with a dope review of it.