NEW MUSIC: Hollie Smith x Mara TK – Lives for Living

As Kyle’s mom from South Park would say….What What What???

If you know me, then you know I’ve been a stan for New Zealand soul music for years now. The tiny little island nation has been creating some of the best soul voices for a decade now, and it seems that America is only recently getting hip to that fact.

When not one of two of my Kiwi soulsters get together for an album, it’s news. You might know of Mara TK as the excellent group Electric Wire Hustle, and thanks to our New Zealand-based contributor Whitney, we have been writing about the R&B soulstress Hollie Smith for a minute. The collaboration album, Band of Brothers hits shelves Down Under today, but considering that both are not household names on this side of the hemisphere, I doubt that we will see this album Stateside. I can only hope tho.