MUSIC: Who Is Kendrick Lamar? #dontwuwwyDC

I’m not gonna front, I slept on Kendrick Lamar.

When people were hyping him as the next best thing, I was indifferent. There is a lot in hip-hop that that have been overhyped in 2011, and honestly I even unfollowed some websites that posted a Kendrick Lamar track daily.

But I do have to say, Section 80 is a great hip-hop album. From “Fuck Your Ethnicity” to the sure radio hit “HiiiPoWeR” (produced by J Cole), the album blends the best of old school hip-hop and young hustler sensibilities. And with co-signs by RZA, our friend BJ The Chicago Kid and Dr. Dre himself, Lamar has proven he has the chops to take on this ultra-competitive hip-hop environment.


In an era when hip-hop has lost its voice, where the genrea is filled with pop-crossovers and wack Twitter-spamming rappers, Lamar has been able to create relevant and creative music.

Check out Mr. Lamar tomorrow night along with Schoolboy Q, Phil Ade and more at DC’s 9:30 Club. Don’t sleep.