LIVE: The HiphopisCoolAgain BBQ, Williamsburg, NYC

Winston "Stone" Ford 08/01/2011 1 Comment

Ever since I’ve known the homie JCrillz, the dude has always been about the BBQ. He linked me up with the Epic-post SXSW BBQ’s out in Austin as well as the Feshetic BBQ in Brooklyn. So when the man tells me to show up to a BBQ, I show up. And I’m glad I did.

The inaugural HiphopisCoolAgain BBQ took place on a private rooftop in Brooklyn, and featured everybody from The Stuyvesants, to Heather from Herfection, to Kooley High, to OP from I Love Vinyl, and more. It was a dope look to connect with friends and down a couple brews and burgers in the process. For more, check out the site.

  • Crillmatic

    Props for this, sir!