LIVE: The HiphopisCoolAgain BBQ, Williamsburg, NYC

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Ever since I’ve known the homie JCrillz, the dude has always been about the BBQ. He linked me up with the Epic-post SXSW BBQ’s out in Austin as well as the Feshetic BBQ in Brooklyn. So when the man tells me to show up to a BBQ, I show up. And I’m glad I did.

The inaugural HiphopisCoolAgain BBQ took place on a private rooftop in Brooklyn, and featured everybody from The Stuyvesants, to Heather from Herfection, to Kooley High, to OP from I Love Vinyl, and more. It was a dope look to connect with friends and down a couple brews and burgers in the process. For more, check out the site.