LATE PASS: Jhameel – The Human Condition


When life hands you a hurricane (in the form of a chick named Irene) –  take a day or two to sift through your music inbox –  in hopes of discovering a new gem or two.

I received this track by a guy out of SF named Jhameel, about hmmmm … 6 or 7 months ago (#FAIL). Obviously influenced by the 80’s (immediately I got Prince mixed with a little Bowie, which for me isn’t a bad thing), there’s something  kind of intriguing and tricky about his voice (peep the layers of falsetto) & lyrics …

Jhameel has been on the scene for a minute, making both original & cover songs, including an interesting version of the Knife’s, “Heartbeats” – but “The Human Condition ” is what really sold me. And given the fact that he’s also a Bay boy, I feel even more bad for missing out on this … but better hella late than never.