HOT or NOT? Lenny Kravitz (Feat. Drake) – “Sunflower”


I consider myself to be a pretty big Lenny Kravitz fan. “Let Love Rule”,  “It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over”, “Believe”,  “If You Can’t Say No”,  “I Belong to You” – one or more of his song will likely pop up on my iPod on any given day.

Fast forward to 2011 and my enthusiasm for Lenny has unfortunately lost some of its steam. While I dug a couple of tracks from his 2004 Baptism album – I can barely recall a song title from 2008’s It Is Time for a Love Revolution. And now with his latest, Black and White America, set to drop August 22, I have to wonder if my love affair with the sexy rocker has officially come to an end. I was highly underwhelmed with the first single, “Stand” , so when I came across his latest “Sunflower” featuring Drake of all people, I can honestly say that I was    not at all. Curious? Maybe. Confused? Definitely.

Well, I don’t hate it…  it’s much better and far less contrived than Stand … but I don’t like or love it either (yet?). #Sigh… What do y’all think? Hot or not?