Fashion: SWIMS Fall Lookbook

Considering the fact that the New York City area got over 12 inches of rain this past weekend thanks to Irene, I figured it would be a perfect time to highlight the collection of water-inspired footwear from the people at Norwegian-based label SWIMS.

The brainchild of Johan Ringdal, SWIMS’ “all raingear everything” approach to apparel is most notable. The company is set to revolutionize rain fashion, replacing the typical $3 umbrellas and tacky ponchos and rain boots with practical, stylish, alternatives that could be rocked rain or shine. Of note are the highly fashionable yet water-repellent “Hank” bowler and “Charles” brogue. In addition, they company makes rubber inner linings (so you can wear your own shoes without getting wet) and umbrellas.

Be on the lookout for SWIMS this Fall.