FASHION: Dennis Hopper x Vans (Limited Edition Menswear Collection)

Almost two years ago, iconic filmmaker/actor  Dennis Hopper began a collaboration with Cali based skate brand Vans – to create a limited (and dope) 10 piece collection of footwear and apparel featuring some of his favorite work. The legend who reportedly grew up rocking the brand, played a significant role in choosing specific photograph’s to go onto t-shirts and the lining of hats and military jackets  – up until his death last May.

And now, with the continued help of his family, and right on time for Fall, Hopper’s line has officially been released via Urban Outfitters stores and online. With prices fairly ranging from $38 to $198 – and with the awesome murals in honor of the actor and his collection beginning to pop up in NYC; it would probably be wise to Hop on this NOW because I don’t expect supplies to last all that long. Check it out below.

‘HOPPER ELECT’ – featuring art by Dennis Hopper

‘HOPPER DON’T LOOK’ – featuring photography by Dennis Hopper

‘HOPPER MOROCCO’ – Military jacket with hood

HOPPER LIDGATE‘ – Long sleeve woven shirt

‘HOPPER TALFOURD‘ – Driver cap

Vans/Dennis Hopper Chukka Boot

Vans/Dennis Hopper mural on East 12th Street, NYC