ALBUM REVIEW: Motor City Drum Ensemble – DJ Kicks

Stream on Spotify: Motor CIty Drum Ensemble – DJ Kicks

Looks can be deceiving.

When I looked at the cover of the latest DJ Kicks release by German producer Motor City Drum Ensemble (aka Danilo Plessow), I was expecting some Robert Smith level goth antics (which was fine, because DJ Kicks’ track selections are so diverse that it dosen’t matter what music is played) but I was certainly not expecting old school house, Detroit techno, and vintage soul.

But that’s the core of Plessow’s sound. Thorough thousands of miles from Detroit, his sound and this mix sounds like it was created in a basement studio off of 8 Mile Road. Beginning with Sun Ra and blending in sounds such as Electric Wire Hustle and Tony Allen, and some of his original material. It’s an album that blends is one of the best things I’ve heard all year, and quite possibly the best DJ Kicks of all time (yea, dispute me).

Again, this mix would kill at the Little Temple in LA, or Liv in DC. Plessnow simply knows what he’s doing, and let’s hope he crosses to pond soon for a DJ gig.

9 out of 10