ALBUM REVIEW: Applejac Presents: Playing Favorites E.P.

by Couch Sessions

After reviewing Applejac’s “Brewin” single, I figured that his latest E.P., Playing Favorites, would probably be good, but I didn’t expect for it to be as good as it actually is.  Coming in at just 8 tracks (10 if you actually buy a physical copy of the CD, which contains 2 bonus tracks…hint hint), this E.P packs an emotional punch.

Applejac is one of the best soul/funk/house DJs to come out of Atlanta. He recently blessed DC with an unforgettable DJ set at Marvin that, after dancing for 3 hours straight, had my entire shirt soaked in sweat!  It makes sense that he would convert that enthusiasm for getting the crowd moving into deceptively simple yet progressive reworkings of some of his nostalgic favorites.  The talent featured on these songs is top-notch, and takes this project to a truly sublime level.

Standout tracks include club banger “You Meet My Approval” featuring Reggie B, Dionne Warwick’s “Deja Vu” featuring Ramona,  and Little Dragon’s “Twice” featuring Carmen Rodgers, who delivers a rendition that would surely makeYukimi Nagano proud.

Applejac is to be commended for bringing a fearlessly nuanced approach to the production of this E.P. that makes it simultaneously hot and cool.  The beauty that emerges simply cannot be denied.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from this brotha in the near future.