ALBUM REVIEW: Alex Goose and Jake Troth – Just Let Go

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Everyone wants to be “vintage” these days but few know how to make the sound their own. Instead, we get wanna be Smokey Robinsons and Dusty Springfields.

Thankfully there are people who understand that vintage sound and use it as a palate, and not a scapegoat. Take Alex Goose, who was most notably crafted a remix album of Jay-Z tracks based on old soul records and Italian composers. Goose understands this, creating lush architectures that harkens back to 1967 but sound equally as innovative in 2011.


Enter Jake Troth. The spry North Carolina native started collaborating with Goose last year, and their latest album … is the collaboration between the two. Troth’s sound and vocals could be described as vintage, but thankfully it cannot be put into a box. His style falls somewhere between The Beatles, Oasis, and even The Beach Boys, yet dosen’t try that hard to be any those three.

Standout tracks include the neo-psychedelic “Made in Ways You Can’t Understand,” and the acoustic “ “  and the upbeat “Alexandra.” Although each track sounds different, they both have a unique consistency and DNA throughout them. Goose’s lo-fi approach stands out, using what it seems to be lots of reverb and echo to get that “recorded at Abbey Road,” sound.  Interestingly enough Goose’s work is so vital to the feel of this album that he shares top billing with the recording artists (a rarity outside of hip-hop).

It’s interesting if this sound will be able to cross over, and I think it would. The rap name dropping “Material Things,” has the potential to be a big hit, as well as the track “Used,” which opens with the line “No self respecting girl would call at this hour/You wanna be used.”

This album probably one of the more perfect mixes of vintage sounds and modern sensibilities in recent memory. Recording artists who are trying to achieve this should take notes from Goose and company.

8 out of 10