VIDEO: Nikki Jean – How to Unring A Bell (Live on Letterman)

Wow, I’m remember having a MySpace crush on Nikki Jean for the longest. I would gleefully send her messages and I would be overly ectatic when she responded. (Sad, I know). She once invited me to a party at the Roots studio in Philly and like a dumbass I passed on the opportunity. Who knows what could have been…

Back then, I was mesmerized by Jean’s music. The Minnesota bred artist was a true talent and still is. After signing to Columbia Records in 2009 it seems like she dissappeared from view. Yes, she sang the hook on Lupe’s “Hip-Hop Saved My Life,” but info on her solo work was few and far between.

Thankfully in 2011, Jean released her first LP Pennies In A Jar on indie label S-Curve records. More vintage sounding than her more eclectic soul offerings in the past, the album has Bob Dylan on the writing credits and Lupe Fiasco rapping. Not a bad way to get introduced to the music world.

So I’m happy for Nikki’s success and I’m glad to see her on Letterman.