VIDEO: Friends – Friend Crush

“Friend Crush” is one of the songs that I initially tried to ignore, but for some reason it always found  a way to sneak back into my headphones. And now that there are some actual visuals to accompany it, I must admit that my interest has slightly piqued.

Friends, with their almost impossible name to Google, appear to be yet another up-and-coming Brooklyn odd-pop band consisting of too-cool hipsters making music about whatever. Fronted by a mysterious lead singer, Samantha Urbani (who sounds like she could be anywhere from 8 to 18 years old), the group recently released a hard to ignore EP that has garnered some serious buzz over the past couple of months.

Despite the simple and repetitive beat of “Friend Crush”, Samantha’s voice and  hook, alongside the backing bass, guitar and drum are annoyingly contagious and pop friendly, making it one of those songs that goes along awesomely well with this summer heat. Although I’m not as keen on the EP’s other track, “Feelin’ Dank”, I am interested to hear how these guys will evolve their sound in the future. Check it out.