Single Review: “Tristate of Mind Suite” – Tristate


Tristate is a music producer who has produced for artists like Stalley, Chris Faust and Outasight who just happens to be producing the first original classical hip hop ever written. Yup, you heard right “classical hip hop.” Now hip hop has gone through it’s many phases like Com broke down for us in “I Used To Love H.E.R.” (and I’m sure she’s gone through another 100 phases since H.E.R. dropped) but “classical” hasn’t been one of those phases, so I’m not sure what to expect from “Tristate of Mind Suite” but I’m all ears.

“Tristate of Mind Suite” is DOPE piece of music and the string arrangements performed by The Sound of Belarus Symphony Orchestra are beyond beautiful.The best way I can describe “Tristate of Mind Suite” to the average hip hop head is to imagine Kanye West, Dr. Dre and an orchestra in the studio together and what the end product would be. I say that because I’ve always felt that Kanye always pushes the envelope with the complexity of his music and the way he meshes pieces of classical strings arrangements into his production. (see the string intro for “All of the Lights”) and the drums from the first movement of “Tristate of Mind Suite” remind me of classic Dre. At the end of the day producer Tristate out does himself for this flawless arrangement and has got me looking forward to his full length release “Tristate of Mind” coming this Fall 2011. You can download “Tristate of Mind Suite” at Tristateofmind.Bandcamp and for more info on how you can help fund his full length release, visit and search Tristate of Mind.