SINGLE REVIEW: Frank Ocean – Dreamkilla


In light of the recent, so-called “R&Beefs,” people are sure to be presumers and allege that Frank Ocean’s “Dreamkilla” is yet another R&Beef, this time with label mate The-Dream. The-Dream, the self-proclaimed “Radio Killa,” also added to the forthcoming assumption by tweeting, “whats good, LOVECULT been on the Boat all day got a lot of inspiration. The Ocean really puts life in perspective!” Still, there has yet to be words, better yet, tweets exchanged by the two Def Jam artists. More than that, let’s get back to the new song, Dreamkilla, which is nostalgic of Nostalgia, Ultra. but with a more bankable sound.

The record’s production strikes as being simmered down house music, in-between “Swim Good” and “Nature Feels.” What is more, this is a record sure to please Def Jam that is, at last, promoting Ocean to an acceptable degree.

The OFWGKTA member’s inventiveness is in full effect in Dreamkilla as the song correlates to skeptics who, as the song’s title implies, want to kill one’s dream.

“I’m running. I’m running as fast my mind let me. I’m running. I’m gunning. Dreamkillas on the hunt for me. I’m running. I’m running, won’t ever let them get me. I’m running. I’m running. Dreamkilla. Dreamkilla, killa,” asserts Ocean.

Per contra, the record can also correlate, to all appearances even more, to an intimate partner who is unhappy with one’s lack of attentiveness due to thinking more about what is to come more than what is.

“You told me I’m infatuated with my future. Too in love with tomorrow. You say tomorrow is a mystery that won’t be solved. Tomorrow is a rolling stone; it won’t be home,” expresses Ocean on the record.

Ocean accomplishes much in the short duration of the song. Dreamkilla is a tad over three minutes long, and I wish the R&Beefs to come are even shorter and that the one between The-Dream and Ocean is just a dream that is killed before journalists whom expertise in sensationalism awake.