SONG 2 PEEP: Lips – Everything to Me

So I’m really digging this girls Lips… wait that didn’t come out right. So I’m really digging the voice of this girl who goes by the name of Lips (né Steph Brown).The Auckland, NZ raised- Harlem transplant – is looking to make an indie name for herself, but after dropping her first EP last year, her style of ‘cutesy pop’ music just wasn’t quite unique enough to really make much noise above the plethora of other ‘cutesy pop’ female vocalists – looking for their share of blog love.

But after listening to her newest track, “Everything to Me”, I’m thinking perhaps Lips may have hibernated in her bedroom studio for a minute and figured out how to properly utilize (and arrange) her delicate vocals which pair smoothly alongside her Casio keyboard, strings and lightly synth beats. Hopefully she’ll be dropping more songs like this that are worth peeping. Check it out.

Everything to me by LIPS Songs