VIDEO: Gym Class Heroes- Stereo Hearts

It’s been a long time, perhaps too long for some, since Gym Class Heroes have released an album. After their exceptionally successful  2006 album As Cruel as School Children, front man Travis McCoy decided to go solo. A move that worked out OK for him. But he couldn’t stay from his beloved band, Gym Class Heroes is finally back together and have released the single “Stereo Hearts” which is probably going to be a summer anthem of 2011. The song features Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine singing the chorus as Travis McCoy spills his soul in the way only a music lover would understand.

Lines like Further more I apologize for any skipping tracks, It’s just the last girl that played me left a couple cracks” laid over a thick bass drive home the point that this isn’t just another love song. It’s a music lovers love song. McCoy uses every possibly music reference you could think of and then some to make a thoughtfully laid out track that gushes with creativity. So much so that its lyrics will probably be found on the statuses of 80% of  Facebook teens this summer.

Even though Levine only sings the chorus and has a small solo, it works well on “Stereo Hearts” in a way that other artist should learn from. This isn’t t like some other hip-hop artist that just throw a popular (hot at the moment) artist on the track just for star power, which results often in a mish mosh of messy lyrics. “Stereo Hearts” will be one of the most polished “hip-pop” tracks you’ll see all summer, I guarantee it.

The video is still being worked on but check out one that Fueled By Ramen (Gym Class Heroes record label) put together.