VIDEO: Bad Bad Not Good – Electric Relaxation, Odd Future Sessions Part 2

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Toronto’s mysterious Bad Bad Not Good (er BADBADNOTGOOD) are back at it again. First they killed it on their jazz rendition of Odd Future (it gets way more spins on my iPod than Tyler’s Goblin album) and now they tackle ATCQ’s Electric Relaxation. Honestly, it’s not as a striking as the Odd Future covers, but it shines a light into where the trio is coming from music wise. From what the streets are saying, there are original songs coming from this group real soon. I’m looking for them to be the sleeper success of 2011. Maybe Odd Future will cover their jazz originals? Anything is possible. Check it.

Bad Bad Not Good – Electric Relaxation

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Odd Future Sessions Part 2 (check for Yonkers at 8:31)?

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