#SwagFridays MIMOBOT x Green Lantern USB Drive

#SWAGFRIDAYS is a new section devoted to copious amounts of packages received in the office. In this case, the term “swag” has a double meaning. If you have concerns, check our FTC disclaimer.

Shout out to the guys at MIMOBOT for hooking us up with their Green Lantern inspired USB 2.o Flash drives. The Hal Jordan 2 GB drive is the creation of Boston-based design firm MIMOCO, taking kitschy Japanese chic and combining them with pop culture icons. In addition to The Green Lantern franchise, they’re also hooked up with Star Wars, Batman, Hello Kitty, and others.

MIMOBOT is also home to a rather vast artist community as well, and community-designed pieces are available for sale. In addition, they have some dope in-house artists such as Gary Baseman and Sket-One. Check it.