Review: Future Balearica Vol. 2: A New Wave of Chill

The label that brought you the “Future Disco” compilations have now established themselves as a name to be reckoned with in the chillout arena.  The follow up to Needwant Records‘ “Future Balearic” starts off with the immediately dream-inducing “Soak It Up” by Chicago’s “Houses.”  The track immediately grabbed me and pulled me in with its delicate lo-fi sounds and hushed vocals.

Another really beautiful track that stood out to me was “Kissing in the Rain,” an exclusive track by Silverfilter.  It was cinematic in feel and the title may have had something to do with that, but it just sounded like it was the soundtrack to a film where two lovers share a long embrace and kiss at the end.

This album seems to mostly avoid more dance/house tracks and focuses on the calm Balearic sound, which provides for many chilled out tracks to lay back and enjoy.  I hear a lot of 80’s type synth beats that remind me of some Talking Heads work.  It seems like a lot of electronic artists these days are focused on the 80’s synth dance/pop sound, which is good, but the departure from it is a welcome sound in this case.  I digress however; the main feeling you’ll get from listening to this compilation is one of escape to a warm and tranquil locale.

The entire compilation was mixed and produced by FETE, who also delivered the delightfully mellow “Song for Her.”  FETE is actually Julian Peck and Needwant Records founder Sean Brosnan.

Future Balearica Vol. 2 drops on July 25th, so pick it up, turn it on, grab a cool beverage and you’ll be chillin’ in style this summer.  Enjoy!


Future Balearica vol 2 Tracklisting:
Compiled & mixed by FETE

1. Houses – Soak It Up
2. FETE – Song For Her *
3. Max Essa  – Panorama Suite
4. Sam Sallon – You May Not Mean To Hurt Me (Begin Remix)
5. Health – Before Tigers (CFCF Remix)
6. Yuki Suzuki – Need Your Love (Lee Douglas Remix)
7. Coyote – Corona
8. Free Disco – Odd Summer
9. Molly Wagger – Weekend (Richard Norris Balearic Remix)
10. Beat Connection – In The Water
11. Chad Valley – Up & Down
12. Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love
13. Cos/Mes – Natural Lifespan (Acid Orchestra Remix)
14. Black Marlin – Forest *
15. Diskjokke – Panutup
16. Silverfilter – Kissing In The Rain *
17. White Elephant – Sir John

* Exclusive & unreleased album tracks