PREVIEW: Bluebrain’s The National Mall

Download App: Bluebrain – The National Mall

I’m going to go on the record and say that Bluebrain’s The National Mall is one of the most important music releases of this year.

As more of us use our phones as music devices, the music experience will become more and more interactive. Bluebrain’s The National Mall is more than an album. It’s a 3 hour experience based on your specific position on the National mall (based on your iPhone’s GPS). The DC-based brotherly duo has done this before. We’ve reviewed their accompaniment to the Smithsonian’s Sant Ocean Hall previously. But as that piece requires you to manually control the music, this is almost automatic in it’s execution.

[vimeo 24250620 nolink]

Yes, you have to be at the National Mall for the app to work, meaning that you have to be in the Nation’s Capital, however, the duo is working on albums for New York’s Flushing Meadows park and California’s Pacific Coast Highway.

As more and more of us have phones with GPS capabilities, these albums will become more commonplace by the end of the year. Just think, what if you had to actually go to Strawberry Fields to listen to that Beatles Track  or get exclusive tracks if you’re at a concert or live performance. The possibilities are limitless.