NEW MUSIC: Misun – July (produced by Nacey)

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Misun – July (produced by Nacey) by nacey

I’ve been stressing to music producers in my former hometown of DC that they needed female vocalists on their projects for years now. I’m glad the homie Nacey took the advice. This upbeat summer jam features Misun, who’s raspy voice sounds very similar to Res in my opinion. The instrumentals on this one are crafted beautifully, with light house synths thought the project and an almost disco vibe throughout the whole track. Ladies and gentlemen, a nominee for your song of the summer.

  • Marcus Dowling

    Home brother:

    Female vocalists are ALL the rage in DC this year. Nacey’s not the only one. Will Eastman and Micah Vellian recorded BMore’s TT the Artist on “No Sleep,” Maluca’s on Tittsworth and Alvin Risk’s “La Campagna,” and Alvin’s working with a ton of female vocalists as well. Steve Starks has head coming w/ Manulita, and Chris Burns has a ton of unreleased stuff too with a bunch of female vocalists. Nacey’s a mere part of a much larger dance equation using female voices.

    – Marcus

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