NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris feat Kelis – Bounce

Kelis has always been one of my audio muses. Forward thinking and in many cases ahead of her time. Having that said, I think her last album was slightly misguided. Yes, everyone is jumping on four to the floor EDM these days, but Flesh Tone felt really uninspired.

Thankfully, she’s linked up with the one and only Calvin Harris for the track “Bounce,” the lead single off of Harris’ still untitled album which is slated to be released between now and 2012. Recorded in Las Vegas, the track is a perfect fit for Kels and a slight departure from Harris’ more quirky production elements. All you need to know is that it works and will fill many a dancefloor in the US and UK this summer. Check it.

[youtube ooZwmeUfuXg nolink]