PHOTOS: Santigold x PAPER Magazine

The people at Paper Magazine dropped these rather dope photos of the lovely Santigold in our inbox yesterday and needless to say our jaws dropped in the office yesterday. Santi is set to release a new album sometime in 2011–a followup to her 2008 self-titled debut. Needless to say, Santi looks stunning in her photos, fronting a more mature look these days. The magazine, which also profiles producer Swizz Beatz caught up with the Brooklyn-based songwriter as she prepares for her new album and European tour.

When Santi first dropped, people didn’t know what to think of her. Now in 2011, her sound that pushed the limits is almost mainstream. The article states that she still is writing pop-friendly hooks but says “the window for writing pop music has become so narrow, it’s difficult to get in there without doing some cookie-cutter shit.”

We will just have to see when her follow-up album drops this Fall.